Hash plants & seeds

Posted on 20. January 2022

What is a hash plant?

According to the dictionary, a hash plant is a cannabis plant from which hash can be extracted.

The cannabis plant has a long history and has been cultivated for cannabis production for thousands of years.

Particularly in northern India, Afghanistan and Nepal, cannabis has played a central role in society, both in social and religious contexts.

The original – and oldest – cannabis plants therefore have their geographical origin in this area.

Common to cannabis plants is that they mainly belong to the Cannabis Indica family, have a short flowering time, and develop compact top shoots with an abundance of crystals with a high THC content.

Cannabis plants & cannabis plants – is there any difference?

You can make cannabis from any female cannabis plant that has crystalline buds, so “cannabis plant” can theoretically be used to describe any cannabis plant.

However, “hash plants” as a synonym for “cannabis plants” is mainly used by people with a limited knowledge of cannabis and the different genetics and terms.

The term “cannabis plant” is used in the cannabis world to describe cannabis strains with a particular history of. and genetics that make them suitable for the purpose. That is, varieties that have been grown and bred specifically for cannabis production; in particular, the ancient varieties that originated in the Hindu Kush region of Central Asia.

Hash plant and cannabis plant

What is hashish?

Hash is an abbreviation of the Arabic“hashish“.

It can have different appearances and vary in colour from blonde, yellow, reddish, black, etc. However, the most common colour is brown in various shades.

Hash is a concentrate of the dried crystals (also called trichomes) from the cannabis plant’s top shoots/flowers, which are processed and compressed.

The hash/cannabis plant is grown and when the top shoots have reached full maturity, they are harvested and dried.

When the plants are sufficiently dry, the crystals of the top shoots – which contain the active ingredients such as THC, CBD, etc. – mechanically removed. This is traditionally done by hand, for example by rubbing the dried plant parts between the hands so that the sticky crystals stick to the hands, or by shaking and beating the plants over a canvas onto which they are sprinkled.

The separated crystals are pressed together and formed into a solid cohesive material. It being as lumps, balls or slabs.

Can cannabis plants be grown in Denmark?

The answer is yes.

Indoors you can grow all cannabis plants. All you need is the right equipment, such as lamps, ventilation, etc. to create the perfect environment; and you can grow all year round.

Outdoors is a different matter. Although many cannabis plants originate from cold and harsh mountain climates, not all do equally well outdoors in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

It is therefore important to choose the right cannabis strain to get a good result outdoors. The so-called autoflowering varieties are a safe choice as they have a shorter life cycle and finish flowering quickly.

If you’re interested in learning more about autoflowering seeds, you can read more about the process and see our range here.

You can also explore our full range of cannabis seeds here.

Are cannabis plants legal to grow in Denmark?

In most cases, no.

Legislation does not allow the cultivation of cannabis plants (like any other cannabis plant) without a licence from the authorities.

In practice, this means that only selected businesses that have applied for and obtained the relevant permits are allowed to cultivate cannabis in Denmark.

You can read more about the rules on the Medicines Agency’s website, as well as the legislation on cannabis seeds in our blog post here.

Hashplanter-hashfroe-hashplate (1)

Specific varieties of hash plants/hash seeds

As mentioned, “cannabis plant” is most often used to refer to specific strains/variants of cannabis. Below is a list of some popular and interesting cannabis plants.

Hash Plant

Among the most famous hash plant varieties is the Hash Plant aka HashPlant. It was introduced to Europe back in the 1980s, when Dutch growers from Sensi Seeds crossed it with Northern Lights #1. In doing so, they created the commercially available Hash Plant that we know today.

Hash Plant is an Indica that stays compact and has a very short flowering time. It provides a powerful, immediate effect, and has a spicy hash-like taste and aroma.

It performs super well indoors and is particularly suitable for hydroponic SOG cultivation.

Hash Plant has won numerous awards at Cannabis Cups around the world.

Red Lebanon Auto

This hash plant is – as the name suggests – from Lebanon. It is a cross between Lebanon and Mexican Ruderalis. The Ruderalis genetics make it autoflowering, which means that it flowers automatically and can therefore be grown outdoors in Danish climates with great success.

Red Lebanon was at one time one of the most widespread cannabis plants in the Middle East, and is characterised by its high quality.

This old-school hash plant is Indica-dominant, productive and yields between 40-100 grams of top shoots per plant, which can subsequently turn into hash.

Red Lebanon is made by Flash Seeds and is available as regular (non-feminised), autoflowering seeds.

Read more and buy the seeds here:
Flash Seeds: Red Lebanon Auto (AutoReg)

Afghan Hash Plant

Is a hash plant from Dutch Barney’s Farm. It comes from seeds collected in the 1970s from the best hash farmers in the Mazari Sharif region of northern Afghanistan.

It’s a 100% Indica that develops dense, extremely crystallised buds with a rich sandalwood aroma and hints of citrus.

Afghan Hash Plant is a wonderful hash plant and is available as regular (non-feminised) seeds.

Read more and buy the seeds here:
Barney’s Farm: Afghan Hash Plant (regular)

HashPlant Haze x Kali China

ACE Seeds’ first cross between the old classic ‘Hashplant Haze’ and Kali China.

It is a cannabis plant that combines the best of Indica and Sativa, and whose genetics consist of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

It is a large plant that develops a robust, voluminous structure with many side branches, high yields and tremendous potency.

It has a rich taste of Moroccan pollen hash, incense and light hints of citrus. The effect is mainly Indica and very potent.

Read more and buy the seeds here:
Ace Seeds: HashPlant Haze x Kali China (feminised)

Hindu Kush

As its name suggests, it originated in Afghanistan and has traditionally been cultivated for the production of the highly potent Afghan hash. It is an ancient cannabis plant, and perhaps one of the first cannabis strains to be used for cannabis.

Hindu Kush is 100% Indica and is distinguished by its many excellent qualities. It is famous for its dense top shoots, whose abundant production of crystals gives it a white, silvery sheen.

The taste and aroma is very complex and gives you at the same time a sweet and musky scent that combines spices, sandalwood, pine and wet earth.

There are several growers who offer Hindu Kush, including. Sensi Seeds and Anesia Seeds, and are available as both regular (non-feminised), feminised and autoflowering feminised (so-called AutoFem).

Read more and buy the seeds here:
Anesia Seeds: Hindu Kush (feminised)
Sensi Seeds: Hindu Kush (feminised)
Sensi Seeds: Hindu Kush (regular)
Sensi Seeds: Hindu Kush Automatic (AutoFem)

Hash Bomb

An Indica-dominant strain, created by crossing Hash Plant, Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb #1.

Like most cannabis plants, it’s a fast-flowering, hardy cannabis that produces large, dense buds with an opulent crystallisation.

The effect is hard-hitting, calming and relaxing.

Hash Bomb from Bomb Seeds is a great little hash plant, available as both regular (non-feminised) and feminised seeds.

Read more and buy the seeds here:
Bomb Seeds: Hash Bomb (feminised)
Bomb Seeds: Hash Bomb (regular)