Skunk seeds and cannabis seeds – what’s the difference?

Posted on 5. January 2020

In Denmark, we have a tradition of calling all cannabis seeds skunk seeds. This is actually a bit unfortunate, because although all Skunk seeds are cannabis seeds, technically all cannabis seeds are not Skunk seeds.

Skunk seeds are a specific, independent strain of cannabis that can be traced back to the 1970s, when it was first developed.

“Skunk” – an inaccurate generalisation

Skunk seeds

It’s not just in Denmark that we like to call high-quality cannabis Skunk; the same is true in the UK, among other places.

The cannabis you can grow outdoors will often be less potent than the indoors, and is called by many “pot” or “luxury pot” if it is extra good.

The reason why many (admittedly – ourselves included) call the indoor cannabis just Skunk (as opposed to weed, cannabis etc.), is that the cannabis plants that were first cultivated indoors and widely used in this country, were mainly different varieties of Skunk.

That the Skunk variety dominated the early cannabis world is not surprising. It’s a fabulously good, stable strain with many of the qualities associated with cannabis of the highest order such as big, juicy buds, powerful potency, pervasive “skunky” aroma etc.

Its generous yield and suitability for commercial hydroponic cultivation made it widely grown in Denmark.

The supply of indoor cannabis that could be bought in Denmark was therefore really “Skunk” and this term eventually became synonymous with quality cannabis.

The origin of the skunk

Sam The Skunkman is widely credited as one of the main originators of Skunk in Europe.

After his breeding location in mid-80s California was revealed, he came under the spotlight of the US authorities. This was obviously not an ideal environment for Sam to work and live in.

He therefore landed at Amsterdam airport with some of the best seeds he had saved.

Amsterdam was the undisputed centre of cannabis cultivation in Europe at the time. There was a large underground network of growers from all over the world who met and exchanged knowledge, ideas and, not least, genetics.

Sam The Skunkman’s genetics and expertise were warmly received in Amsterdam and resulted in many of the famous Skunk varieties we know today.

It is commonly thought that Skunk is a hybrid between the two Sativa strains, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold, as well as an Afghan-Indica.

Original Skunk seeds and other varieties of Skunk

Skunk is a great cannabis strain known for its high quality. effect, high yield and that it is grateful to care for and thrives in most conditions.

In addition to these qualities, its consistent performance and genetic stability have helped make it one of the most popular cannabis strains ever!

Two are of most prominent producers of Skunk seeds and breeding of the genetics is undoubtedly
Dutch Passion
Sensi Seeds

Dutch Passion has been there from the start and are the owners of some of the most stable and high quality Skunk strains we know today.

They are best known for their
Skunk #11
(first cannabis seed to sell over 1 million of!!),
Ultra Skunk
Orange Bud
, all of which are worth getting to know if you’re looking for top quality Skunk seeds.

Sensi Seeds is also one of the heavy boys when it comes to Skunk. Of their selection are
Super Skunk
Early Skunk
are clear winners that you should take a closer look at.


  • It is only in Denmark and a few other countries that we use the term “Skunk” for the cannabis plant in general.
  • Skunk is a specific variety that was popularised as one of the earliest cannabis strains in this country. The name therefore became synonymous with quality cannabis.
  • “Skunk” further became a convenient term to differentiate between indoor and outdoor cannabis.
  • In short: All Skunk seeds are cannnabis seeds, but not all cannabis seeds are Skunk seeds. That said, it’s a formidable variety with many of the good qualities and characteristics that (almost) everyone will love.