Free seeds with every order

Each order receives at least 1 free cannabis seed, which can increase to up to 7 free cannabis seeds when you buy over €135. This is of course completely independent of any promotional offers that may be added.

In addition to free seeds, there is always free shipping on purchases over €67.

To keep it fresh and exciting, we regularly change which free seed varieties are included.

We always have 3 categories of free seeds available: autoflowering, feminized and regular.

For example, if your order consists mainly of autoflowering varieties, we will include x number of autoflowering free seeds with your order.

If you have specific wishes for the type of seeds, please write it in the comment field when ordering. Then of course we will follow this 🙂

1 Free seed with every order

3 Free seeds with every order over €67

7 Free seeds with every order over €135

*+7 free seeds for every subsequent €135 above this level.