Flowering time

      What is the difference between feminized and regular cannabis seeds?

      Feminised cannabis seeds, unlike regular cannabis seeds, produce male and female seeds in an approximate 50/50 ratio. For those interested only in the top shoots that females produce, feminised cannabis seeds are therefore the perfect choice. Lots of benefits of feminised It's a waste of time and space and an unnecessary chore to keep an eye on the sex of the plants and then sort out the males - this is avoided altogether with feminised cannabis seeds. Some varieties can be sexed after only 4 weeks from seed, while others need to start flowering before you can tell. It can be difficult to identify unless you are experienced and know exactly what you are looking at. With regular seeds outdoors, this can mean waiting a long time to see the sex, as well as being able to check them regularly to remove the male plants. Of course, this is only true if you want large top shoots and not seeds.

      Feminized cannabis seeds are for you if:

      You want lots of top shots You will save time and space You will save money You want to minimise the risk of seeds in your crops You are not interested in breeding or seed production You will try many different cannabis strains