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      Cannabis seeds bred for medical/therapeutic use

      Especially in the last few years, a lot has happened in terms of. breeding and cultivation of outright medicinal varieties with significantly higher levels of the coveted therapeutic cannabinoids. It is possible to find "CBD varieties" with no THC at all (i.e. psychoactive effects), so-called 1:1 varieties, mildly psychoactive varieties and, conversely, varieties with a sky-high THC content. Indica or Sativa? Cannabis Indica and hybrids with dominant genes from it, are known for its strong relaxing and calming effects, and can among other things relieve physical pain, nausea, reduce stress and sleep problems, hyperactivity etc. Cannabis Sativa, and hybrids with dominant genes from it, contrast with Indica. Its effect is stimulating, uplifting, euphoric and can therefore be suitable for the treatment of depression, exhaustion and mood disorders. Medical cannabis in Denmark In 2018, the Danish Health Authority approved a trial scheme for medical cannabis. It is thus possible to go to the doctor and get prescribed cannabis during the lifetime of the trial scheme, which is provisionally 4 years. It is still not legal to grow cannabis as medicine, even if you have a prescription from your doctor, but many people believe it should be legal. This is particularly so given that it can be difficult to buy exactly the cannabis strain and cannabinoid profile that you want for medical reasons. Moreover, it can be a heavy financial burden as prices can be high, even with subsidies. The debate about medical cannabis is ongoing in most of the world, and the experimental scheme has opened the way for Denmark to follow suit with countries such as Canada, the Netherlands and the United States, which have fully or partially relaxed the legislation on cannabis as a medical treatment option.