Flowering time
Before the development of seed feminisation methods, regular cannabis seeds were the only ones on the market. In recent years, however, regular has been completely overshadowed by feminised varieties; and many producers actually stopped offering regular seeds altogether. The latest trend in cannabis, however, is that regular seeds have become much more in demand. This has resulted in a veritable renaissance in the category - and more and more producers are now offering their genetics as regular varieties! ARE REGULAR CANNABIS SEEDS FOR YOU? They are not recommended for everyone. If you want to produce top shoots from your females, it is important to remove the males at the first sign of sex. An obvious reason to choose regular cannabis seeds is, of course, if you want to breed and produce your own cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis seeds may be for you if: You want 100% pure genetics You are looking for a stable parent plant you will have for many years to come You will breed and produce seeds You don't care about pollination and just want them for decorative reasons