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Cannabis seeds are our speciality. In recent years, the demand for good quality cannabis seeds has increased, and we are convinced that with our practical experience, product knowledge and interest, we have something valuable to offer. We are exclusively an online shop and therefore do not have a physical address where you can meet us, but feel free to give us a call or send us an email: we are very committed to our customer service and are always ready to help as much as possible.
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. It’s safe and secure to shop with us – we know the cannabis business and cannabis seeds. We’ve come all the way ourselves: from beginners who had to read about and study cannabis online, to today’s seasoned veterans who have accumulated a wealth of experience and are asked for advice. And of course as a customer in different stores; and then as a salesperson in a plant and head store – so we know what works and what challenges you as a customer face. That knowledge will benefit you. We never compromise on quality and have strict requirements for our suppliers. We only have cannabis seeds that we can personally vouch for. This way you know that what you order from us is always of the best quality. Best regards Alexander Nordland Seeds IVS