Barney's Farm

Barney's Farms' story begins back in the early 80s, when founder Derry travelled around countries like Afghanistan, Tibet, Pakistan, India and Thailand - to name just a few - to identify and collect local cannabis genetics. The localities are today famous for their land races. When he returned to Amsterdam in 1992, he took over Barney's Coffee Shop. With the carefully selected cannabis seeds in his backpack, he quickly developed the company into a place that became synonymous with innovation and quality in the industry. Barney's Farm has won countless awards over the years and its innovative creativity has not diminished over the years. New cannabis strains are constantly being experimented with and developed. Their catalogue is therefore extensive and consists of feminised, regular, autoflowering and CBD varieties. At Nordland we sell their entire catalogue; we keep up to date with new varieties and order them as soon as they are released. They have many impressive strains, but if you need inspiration we highly recommend LSD, G13 Haze, Laughing Buddha, Liberty Haze, Pineapple Chunk and Critical Kush.