RQS – pipe

With the prestigious Royal Queen Seeds logo, this pipe is much more than a smoking accessory. For those looking to get hit harder and straighter, there’s no need to look any further. Steamroller pipes offer the experienced smoker an explosion of aroma, which is of course matched by the strength with which you are hit.


RQS steamroller in glass – frames clean and simple

The main body of the RQS Steamroller is made of glass to give your cannabis smoke a completely unobstructed path to travel through before it hits you. Not only will it be possible to inhale large amounts of smoke from your moist pot, but the aroma is kept pure and unaffected by the pipe’s materials.

Even better, this thick smoke will fascinate passers-by as it fills your pipe. Visually attractive and practical, RQS’ own products are designed for smokers by smokers.

The pipe is available in black and white with a white Royal Queen Seeds logo on the underside of the head.

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