RQS – metal grinder

Metal grinder with Royal Queen Seeds’ logo.

The Royal Queen Seeds stamped metal grinder undoubtedly looks fantastic with a stamp of the Royal Queen Seeds logo on top!

But then, looks are only one thing and not exactly the most important when we talk about cannabis grinders. This grinder is not going to disappoint though! It is made of sturdy zinc alloy and consists of four parts, including a filter and a shaker!

The diameter is 52mm.


RQS metal grinder

Royal Queen Seeds stamped metal grinder looks like a million.

Best of all, it performs as well as it looks. This high-performance four-piece grinder is made of durable zinc alloy. The diamond-shaped metal grinding teeth grind anything you throw their way – and then some!

This quality grinder includes a filter screen and a shaker on the bottom. The top of the grinder shows a stamped Royal Queen Seeds logo.

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