RQS – grinder card

RQS grinder card with logo.

Our new grinder card is brilliant in its simplicity and functional design. This flat grinder card fits perfectly into standard size wallets and purses, and it fits in perfectly with your identification and credit cards for total discretion.


The grinder card won’t scrape or cut your fingers, making this a completely safe and convenient way to grind cannabis. It’s perfect for moist, sticky cannabis strains that are hard to handle with your fingers, and it’s a handy tool for people who also use medical cannabis.

Forget carrying bulky packs around in your pockets or purse. This lightweight card-shaped grinder is the new way to process your cannabis. This grinder card is emblazoned with Royal Queen Seeds roaring run logo and is a great way to show your pride in the company where you choose to buy the best cannabis strains on the market. Its metallic finish is stylish and easy to clean, and it also comes with a protective case.

Now that you have the perfect pocket picker, let’s work on growing something you can dig.

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