Medical Cannabis – Myths, Perspectives and Evidence

Medical Cannabis by Inge Kellermann is a thorough book that gives the reader a thorough and wonderfully versatile understanding of the subject. It is probably the best book on the subject in Danish and can clearly be recommended to anyone seeking knowledge and insight about medical cannabis.

Title: Medical Cannabis – Myths, Perspectives and Evidence
Author: Inge Kellermann
Hardback: 370 pages
Publisher: Hovedland 1st edition (2019)
Language: Danish
ISBN: 97887706612


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Inge Kellermann’s book is by far the most comprehensive and scientific on the subject. Although some legal cannabis preparations can now be prescribed by doctors for certain conditions, it is still not a real option for most patients because of doctors’ massive resistance to prescribing medical cannabis, Kellermann estimates.

Patients are in practice referred to self-medication via the black market or preparations on the internet.

Doctors repeatedly insist that they do not know the effects, side effects and long-term consequences of the medicinal use of the plant. However, this ignorance is due to doctors turning their backs on reality. In recent decades, intensive research has been carried out into the medicinal effects, side-effects and potential for addiction. The book and the book’s websites document this.

Inge Kellermann worked for several years as a consultant and manager in public education and VUC. She is a trained phytotherapist and reflexologist. Today she works for Falck Healthcare, counsels cancer patients, teaches alternative therapists and gives lectures.

Cannabis has for millennia been used as medicine to treat a range of diseases and conditions. It can, as most people know, be intoxicating, and it is precisely this property that is the basis of many of the prejudices and myths surrounding the plant.

This is medical cannabis in low doses for the treatment of serious and sometimes debilitating life-threatening diseases and pain disorders. These are diseases that are now treated with drugs that in many cases are addictive and produce side effects that are sometimes so severe that patients choose to stop taking them.

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