RQS – Playing cards

RQS playing cards.

Never underestimate the joy of playing cards while high!

With our poker cards, you can have hours of fun, and they’re much better for the environment. Take these limited edition playing cards with you everywhere and have fun with your friends while smoking.


RQS playing cards: have fun with friends

What do you like to do while you’re high? A good film or book is always a hit. And when you run or skate after a joint, you feel ready to conquer the world. But what about a deck of cards? It’s a super fun activity while you’re high and it’s the perfect social activity to do with friends.

Of course, cannabis is the main theme of our RQS playing cards. The card design features both automatic flowering and feminised cannabis strains from our catalogue. With them, it’s even more fun to play poker while you’re high!

The pack measures 66 × 90 × 18 mm, so you can easily take these cannabis playing cards with you and play anywhere – on the beach or at the kitchen table. Enjoy the best card games in a sustainable way.

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