Medical Cannabis – from marijuana to synthetic cannabinoids

The main author of this book is the famous French cannabis advocate and guru, Michka.

In collaboration with some of the most renowned researchers and experts in the field, she illuminates the subject of medical cannabis in an easy and clear way.

This book thus offers a practical overview of the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant and provides answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about medical cannabis.

Title: Medical Cannabis – from marijuana to synthetic cannabinoids
Author(s): Michka, Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, Prof. Manuel Guzman, Prof. Denis Richard, Jorge Cervantes, Robert Clarke, Chris Conrad, Philippe Lucas, Prof. Adriaan Jansen and Don E. Wirtshafter, J.D.
Paperback: 296 pages
Illustrations: 420 colour pictures
Publisher: Mama Editions; 1st edition (2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 2845941293
ISBN-13: 9782845941298


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An excellent introduction to medical cannabis

This is the complete version of 296 pages; richly illustrated with over 400 colour photos.

The work provides an overview of the various aspects of medical cannabis, explaining in an easy and understandable way complex topics and concepts such as:

– What diseases can be treated or relieved with cannabis
– The different ways to consume cannabis
– Where and how to access legal medical cannabis, as well as instructions for growing your own as an alternative
– The respective medicinal properties of THC and CBD, and a history of the different varieties of cannabis
– Legislation in the different parts of the world
– Availability of pharmaceutically produced cannabis or from synthetic cannabinoids
– History and use of the cannabis plant worldwide

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