Original Auto White Widow


Original Auto White Widow cannabis seeds from Fast Buds are an Indica/Sativa hybrid, created – like the other varieties in Fast Buds’ “Original Line” range – by careful selection of phenotypes with the best characteristics and greatest stability.

White Widow is one of the classic cannabis legends: it has won countless Cannabis Cups and has a wild crystallisation hence the name “white widow”.

It is one of the original varieties from the 1980s that maintains a high ranking on various lists of top varieties and represents the best of old school genetics.

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Original Auto White Widow is a fabulous, energetic, super-stable, easy-to-grow, small/medium-sized cannabis that quickly produces generous amounts of yields in the form of large, crystallised top shoots.

The life cycle (from seed to harvest) is only about 9 weeks, after which a generous yield of 400-500 g/m2 can be expected. Thrives indoors as well as outdoors, as it is robust and can withstand cold weather without problems.

It grows with moderate spacing between stem joints and makes one large main cola. The side branches take on good fullness and it becomes as wide as it is tall. It will not stretch very much in flowering and finishes at a height of between 70-110 cm.

Particularly suitable for SOG cultivation, where you can achieve absolutely stunning results.

In the last half of flowering, some phenotypes can take on beautiful pink and purple hues.

Furthermore, it is an easy variety to finish, as it does not require much trimming. Both sugar leaves and carrier leaves are covered with an abundance of crystals, which is why one should subsequently be clearly stored trimmed for the preparation of delicious extractions.

It is an excellent beginner-friendly plant that largely takes care of itself, delivering stable performance in exchange for very little effort from the gardener.

The taste and aroma is a mix of sweet fruity notes, spices and earth.

The effect is potent thanks to its 20% THC content and gives an uplifting, clear, energetic feeling. It awakens all the senses and is a perfect companion to. to get things organized and active purposes. The effect is not too strong and “hyper”, and turns into a more relaxed feeling the more you consume.


Type/gender: Feminised autoflowering

Genotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid

Area: Indoor, outdoor & greenhouse

Height: 70-110 cm

Flowering time from seed: 63 days

Yield: 400-500 g/m2

THC content: Up to 20%

CBD content: Very low

From 11,00 - 74,00 - Inc. free gift