Sweet Seeds

Om Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds cannabisfrøbank en spansk frøbank etableret i 2005. De avler nogle virkelig gode og innovative cannabissorter i kategorierne feminiserede (fotoperiode) og autoblomstrende frø (AutoFem).

Although Sweet Seeds are not yet well known in Denmark, they have won an impressive number of international awards for their seeds, and enjoy a high reputation in Spain and abroad in general. Their mission is to offer exciting new versions of the most popular cannabis strains at prices everyone can afford, without compromising on quality. All their seeds undergo a rigorous testing regime, which ensures a germination rate of 95% and furthermore that 99.9% of the seeds develop into feminised plants. They have created many excellent varieties. Some of the most recognised and popular varieties are: Green Poison, Cream Caramel, Gorilla Girl, Red Pure CBD Auto, Tropicanna Poison, Bloody Skunk Auto, Black Cream Auto and Big Devil XXL Auto.