Top 10 Medical

Medical cannabis seeds refer to cannabis that is designed to treat medical symptoms and ailments. Choosing the right medical cannabis strain is largely a question of which symptoms you want to alleviate, as well as your personal specific responsiveness to them. The list is compiled from reviews and recommendations from doctors and patients abroad, industry nominations and awards, and personal accounts from customers. We have selected seeds with diverse therapeutic properties, such as high CBD, 1:1 varieties and high THC varieties. If you’re interested in medical cannabis, here’s a selection of what we consider to be among the top 10 medical cannabis seed strains.

NB. Like the other lists on this page, this one is purely indicative, and in no way authoritative, as we are neither doctors, nor have any medical or health professional training. If you are considering using medical cannabis, talk to your doctor about whether it is right for you. Furthermore, in this context we refer you to read our