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Nordic Grind – Ringslinger Blade Grinder

Great grinder from Danish Nordic Grind.

Unlike the more traditional grinders, the Ringslinger Blade Grinder has no teeth to grind with, but rather a wheel with four blades on it that rotate synchronously with the top.

This means that the grinder does not crush the dried herb material, but gently “pushes” it apart into fine small pieces. In other words, the herbal material is better protected than during the treatment of classic grinders with teeth. The flower dust thus remains to a greater extent on the herbal material itself for subsequent use.

Includes a small scraper stick and a plastic tool to adjust the grinder.

Suitable for beach trips and outdoor use.

Diameter: 63mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 175g
Material: aluminium


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Innovation in grinders

You’d think it was a completely new and modern design the Ringslinger Blade Grinder introduces, but the inspiration has come from something as simple as an old-fashioned salt and pepper grinder.

The grinder contains a total of four different parts: top, middle, filter and bottom chamber for flower dust. The middle section contains three small compartments for filling up with material, and up to 1 -1.5 grams of dried herbs can be ground at a time without the need for much manual effort.

The minimal use of hand force is a special feature of the Ringslinger Blade Grinder; the wheel with the four blades is mounted on a cylinder that locks with the top, creating an extra mechanical push on the grinder’s hand turns. This makes for a nice and pleasant grinder experience, where you can sense without looking when all the herbal material has passed through the middle section down to the filter.

This herb grinder is an expert tool with a different technique than traditional grinders and you therefore need to get used to the technique at first – avoid for example using too moist herb materials or too large quantities. That said, the Ringslinger Blade Grinder is an exclusive quality product that will last for many years with proper care.

The Ringslinger Blade Grinder is a departure from previous ways of grinding dried herbal materials – nothing is crushed or massaged, but treated gently and largely retained in its original state. This gives a clearly better result, as both taste and texture largely remain in the herbal material after treatment with Ringslinger. In other words, this grinder not only has a great hand-turning mechanism, but also delivers an exquisite and flavorful product in terms of the ground herbs.

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