Nordic Grind – Klubba Grinder 63mm

Klubba Grinder 63mm
Large model

  • Available in black and gold
  • Fast and thorough grinding via extra reinforced top cover
  • Solid and hardened metal teeth that grind large quantities at a time
  • Large storage space in the central chamber

Diameter: 63mm

Height: 53mm

Weight: 177g

Material: aluminium

Colours: black or gold

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Want to try a grinder that grinds smoothly and seamlessly and doesn’t “whine” like so many other grinders? Then check out the Klubba grinder from Nordic Grind. It has a specially reinforced tines and top cover, which allows herb crushing to proceed smoothly, even with great resistance from the hardiest types of herbs.

The Klubba grinder is based on a classic design look, but reinforced with extra thick and solid metal teeth that grind through almost all kinds of herbs at just a few revolutions. It takes almost no force to turn the top cover. The top of the grinder is equipped with extra weight, which makes it significantly easier and faster to grind herbs than grinders without any weight in the top. In addition, the teeth are enlarged and reinforced to minimise resistance and ensure that the grinder can be rotated without the herbs getting stuck between the teeth.

The Klubba grinder has a total of four different parts: top, grinder, middle and bottom chamber. Flower dust is collected in the bottom chamber and separated via the filter located in the middle chamber above. The outer ring at the top and bottom is provided with small notches, which grip more firmly during grinding.


From 42,00 - 42,00 - Inc. free gift

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