J.Hustle Auto


J.Hustle Auto cannabis seed from Christiania Seeds is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, derived by crossing J.Hustle and Lowryder.

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J.Hustle Auto is a delicious, versatile, productive, fast-flowering, medium-sized cannabis whose taller structure with greater spacing between stem joints pulls it in a Sativa-dominant direction, while its short flowering time and dense top shoots pull more in the Indica-dominant direction.

Depending on the phenotype, it finishes in between 75-85 days from germination.

It thrives indoors as well as outdoors and in greenhouses, where it can acquire beautiful purple hues towards the end of flowering.

The taste and aroma is a mix of earth and citrus.

The effect is uplifting and energetic.


Type/gender: Feminised autoflowering

Genotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid

Area: Indoor, outdoor & greenhouse

Height: 70-140 cm

Harvest time from seed: 75-85 days

Yield: 20-100 g/plant

THC content: Moderate/High

CBD content: Moderate

From 8,00 - 350,00 - Inc. free gift

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