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Nordic Grind – Haldor Anti-Stick Grinder

Tired of herbal residues stuck in the grinder?

Haldor Anti-Stick Grinder solves the problem via a special smooth metal surface where neither dried nor moist herbs can stick permanently. Simply blow or brush away residue – and the grinder is ready to use again.

Includes a small scraper stick.

Suitable for picnics and outdoor use.

Available in both black and grey.

Diameter: 62mm
Height: 39mm
Weight: 168g
Material: aluminium


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Hard-wearing grinder with anti-stick

The Haldor grinder is based on a classic design look, but reinforced with extra thick and solid metal teeth that grind through even the toughest types of herbs. It requires almost no effort to turn. The top of the grinder is equipped with extra weight, which makes it significantly easier and faster to grind herbs than more traditional grinders.

It contains a powerful magnet placed in the middle of the top, which holds tightly to the two top layers. In addition, a screw-on and screw-off base contains both a bottom chamber for flower dust and a filter that can be separated separately.

The Haldor Anti-Stick Grinder must be said to be a particularly durable and viable product, surprising even those herb lovers who normally wear out one grinder after another. This grinder is extremely durable and can easily grind large quantities of dried herbs at once – just remove the in-built filter and there’s extra space to fill up the bottom chamber.

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