Auto Amnesia Gold


Auto Amnesia Gold cannabis seed from Pyramid Seeds is a Sativa-dominant strain derived from crossing between an Amnesia Haze, a Lennon and a Ruderalis.

The result is an autoflowering hybrid that possesses attractive characteristics across the board, but is particularly noted for its excellent taste and aroma, high yield and powerful effect.

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Auto Amnesia Gold is a super delicious, productive, easy-to-grow, small/medium-sized cannabis that produces lots of crystallised buds that are expressively aromatic.

Its growth in the vegetative phase is vigorous, developing several thick lateral branches with a short distance between stem joints.

It is highly productive indoors, where it is said to deliver 600g per square metre with a 600W HPS. Outdoors it is also highly productive.

Furthermore, it does well with a low/moderate amount of fertiliser, and is slightly drought resistant.

The taste and aroma are expressed with hints of lemon, cedar, incense and spices with a sweet aftertaste. The effect is potent Sativa: cerebral, clear, psychedelic, uplifting and long-lasting.


Type/gender: Feminised autoflowering

Genotype: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Area: Indoor, outdoor & greenhouse

Height: Small/Medium

Harvest time from seed: 70-85 days

Yield indoors: 400-600 g/m2

Outdoor yield: 50-80 g/plant

THC content: 15-19%

CBD content: 1%

From 18,00 - 28,00 - Inc. free gift

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