1024 cannabis seeds from Medical Seeds are a Sativa-dominant strain whose origins are unknown.

It is a strain with a very strong Sativa effect and a high THC content.

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1024 is a medium-sized, robust and easy-to-grow cannabis with a central stem and four side branches. The top shoots are large, crystallised and have a delightful aroma.

To get the most out of the plant it is recommended to flower it early in the SOG. It needs plenty of light to grow and flower to its full potential, and it’s also quite hungry for fertiliser.

The taste and aroma are delicate and expressed with hints of citrus, exotic wood, incense and spices.

The effect is potently cerebral, mentally uplifting and evokes smiles and loud laughter. After a while, the rush results in a more balanced and relaxed feeling. Perfect for relaxing, it’s great for fun times with friends as well as creative projects and thoughts.


Type/gender: Feminized

Genotype: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Area: Indoor

Height: Medium

Flowering time: 75-80 days

Yield: Op til 600 g/m2

THC content: 20-25%

CBD content: Low

From 32,00 - 95,00 - Inc. free gift

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