Satori cannabis seed from Mandala Seeds is a Sativa-dominant strain, and is the result of breeding a Nepali landrace genetic.

It is a strong and productive cannabis that was named “Cannabis of the Year” by High Times Magazine in 2007.

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Satori is an exceptionally stable, easy-to-grow, hardy, medium-sized cannabis with a generous yield. It develops long, strong top shoots and has a slender structure, making it suitable for smaller areas or SOG cultivation.

It is a productive variety, capable of producing more than 600 g/2, and it is easy to take cuttings/clones from the strong side branches.

It has proven to be exceptionally resistant to spider mites and other pests, and is also highly resistant to mildew and heat stress.

Also ift. fertilizer, it is grateful to work with. In soil it does not need much fertilizer, and can almost do without if it is put in a quality soil and has a good pot size (about 15 liters for mature plants under 250-500W lamps). In hydroponic systems, a low EC should be maintained for best results.

Finishing is easy and quick, as the large top shoots are easy to trim. From the trimmings, you can make top-quality hash extractions that rival the famous Nepalese “temple balls”.

The taste and aroma is sweet and fruity with undertones of spices and hash.

The effect is powerful and pronounced Sativa: uplifting, clear, inspiring and supports creativity and concentration. Ideal for musicians, artists and other creative people. Its high potency does not make it suitable for occasional users or people with low tolerance to THC.

Therapeutically, it has shown potential to relieve depression and anxiety, as well as symptoms of various neurological, sensory and motor diagnoses such as restless legs syndrome.


Type/gender: Regular

Genotype: Sativa-dominant

Area: Indoor

Height: Medium

Flowering time: 65-70 days

Yield: 550-600 g/m2

THC content: 23-28%

CBD content: Low

From 49,00 - 49,00 - Inc. free gift

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