A.M.S. cannabis seed from Green House Seeds is a light Sativa-dominant strain that originates from crossing between a Swiss Sativa and a Swiss Indica.

A.M.S. stands for “Anti Mold Strain”, as one of its best characteristics is a high resistance to mold and pests.

It has an average of 15% THC and over 1% CBD, which makes it interesting for medical users.

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A.M.S. is an extremely hardy, robust, medium/large-sized cannabis that produces numerous large, elongated buds that are dense, and shine from the many crystals.

Its resistance to mould makes it suitable for growing in cold, damp environments, such as greenhouses, as well as indoors, where keeping humidity down can be a problem.

It has two phenotypes: one that is very Indica-dominant and one that is very Sativa-dominant.

However, the Indica-dominant phenotype is clearly the most interesting, giving a significantly better yield and finishing faster. It can be identified in the vegetative stage by having large, fat leaves and a robust structure like a Christmas tree.

Harvest in week 9 is when it has the most crystals, but according to Green House, commercial growers are already harvesting it in week 8. Indoors, it can yield up to 600-700 g/m2 after 8 weeks. Outdoors in a greenhouse, it can be harvested at the end of September.

The taste and aroma is very special, complex and expressed with hints of lemon, fruits, sandalwood and spices. It becomes even more expressed after drying and a proper curing process.

The effect is potent and balanced, both physically and cerebrally. The cerebral effect is intense, clear, inspiring and at the same time introspective. It has a fairly high CBN content of 0.7%, which makes it very relaxing.

For medical users, the high content of THC, CBD and CBN has several good applications.


Type/gender: Feminized

Genotype: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa

Area: Indoor & greenhouse

Height: Medium/large

Flowering time: 56-63 days

Yield: Up to 700 g/m2

THC content: 15%

CBD content: 1,1%

From 19,00 - 46,00 - Inc. free gift

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